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November 08, 2007


Angie Bulic

Thank's Shane and Kate, i have certainly gained an appreciation for slower films and have learnt how to critically analyse what i watch! My two reasons for why Christians should watch films are:

1. Film provides neccessary cross-cultural insight for those who are diagnosed with pteromerhanophobia.

2. They can be brilliant conversation starters thus showing non-Christians that Christians are kinda normal.

shane clifton

For those of you who, like me, have no idea what Angie is talking about, pteromerhanophobia is fear of flying - or more formally, "An unwarranted automatic fear response to the thought or the reality of air travel"!! Well done Angie - you forced me to look up the dictionary and learn something new.

Rebecca Lowe

I have really enjoyed this class, thanks heaps Shane and Kate for all your efforts and unusual movie choices! I've learned alot and have a new appreciation for different types of films that I wouldn't have normally watched.

The two reasons that I believe Christians need to watch film is that:

1. We need to stay relevant to the culture and watch films that are impacting society so that we are not completely sheltered. I don't think we should ever become so heavenly minded that we're of no earthly use!

2.Film actually has the potential to change our thinking, the way that a story comes to life on the big screen cannot be compared to anything else. We learn so much from the interaction that film provides.

Wigand Sugandi

I enjoyed this class...great job and appreciate all of your big efforts in chosing the films... Some movies are great...

there are 2 reasons why Christian should watch movie:
1. What you see and read will determine your thinking.. When we see good value movies, it would sharpen our thinking.

2. movie is a culture.. If we deny to watch the movie, we will have no idea with the with this generation culture, then we will be irellevant with this generation... Moreover,we can use the movie as a tool to reach out this generation for Christ

Pete Hordern

I want to give you three reasons why Christians should watch film:
1. Movies are a great
2. Movies have been provin to effect culture and our society in ways I am sure was only imaginable.
3. They can bring about a way to reach both Christians and non-Christians through a sermon as films can be a neutral in their presentation yet bring such great theological questions and biblical issues to the table.

Thanks heaps!
I've gotten heaps out of this, even its always looking for the Christ-figures, ay Shane!!! Seriously, I was seein Charlie in Charlie and the chocolate factory as a Christ figure everywhere!!!

Matthew Lowe

I always love the opportunity to engage with film and reflect. Thanks Shane for putting this subject on!

Christians should watch films because:

1. Films reveals the world we live in, both the good and the evil. They help us to understand culture and stay relevant with how we present the gospel message.

2. A good Film can be inspiring. It will take you on a journey that sets your spirit soaring and leaves you feeling uplifted. Christians need inspiration to keep walking the path God has set for them to walk. Seeing an encouraging story of someone else's triumph over adversity leaves one feeling able to continue facing their struggles.

paul tan

2 Reasons why Christians should watch films are:

1) Christians have a responsibility to engage with the societal culture they are a partaker of, and film mediates cultural values.

2) Films are alot of fun and sometimes Christians need to learn how to lighten up!

Thanks for a fantastic course Kate/Shane!

Prisca Post

1. Film are part of todays culture and in order for us to fulfill our calling of making disciples we should use todays media to establish this.

2. Film is a great way to relax and step outside of the busy lives we are living.

gordon millerick

Two reasons why films should be watched,
1/ educational tool
2/ An avenue to assess the various levels of directors visions (Stupidity to unbelievable to helpful) in what a film can portray and imply.
3/The film industry can prove to be a great evangelical tool.

I can agree with reason two, and can even give evidence of how helpful it was to send a brand new television to the bottom of the Murrumbidgee River. The six children in the family grew up fine in an environment and time of rebellion. The higher number of mentally challenged children, the higher rate of eye weakened of damaged children, the higher rate of broken families due to a lack of family connection/unity reinforces a the theme of severly limiting the television, computers internet etcetera, or even dumping them alltogether has strong abilities, rather than a stronghold on those that believe that they can not be without these devises.
Two interesting comment by Shane on 1/Bias and stererotypes. I had a mentall picture of some of the messages from various pulpits - you will believe this way only.
2/ Slow pass of movies. Written material says that man was designed to go at the speed of a camel, but man is now trying to go at the speed of a cheatah.

Thanks Shane and Kate. See you in the new year. Have a great festive season;

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