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October 06, 2007


Mitchell Bailey

Ok folks, is this like Australian Idol where we can vote as many times as we like...?

shane clifton

I series of votes per person would be best

gordon millerick

Voting done, best of luck to all nominees.
It will not occur but we can always hope that each of your nominations are successful.
May God"s peace be with you.

Jackie Worcester

Have just finished voting it was fun.

Matthew Lowe

I think 'The Passion' may be a runaway success!

Gudrun Sveinsdottir

why isn't "As it is in heaven" here???? That one would have gotten my vote:)

Gudrun Sveinsdottir

why isn't "As it is in heaven" here???? That one would have gotten my vote:)

Brendon O'Reilly

I liked the mission for some reason still trying to figure out what it was i liked but i enjoyed it! I want to watch it again...

Annette Hansen

who are my fellow The Seventh Seal fans? we should get together for coffee and talk about...Nothing....


Good comment about 'as it is in heaven', and as another random question, how were the nominations for best actor etc determined?
PS am I the only person who had to google every single director's name (and why do directors always have cool sounding names, never Gertrude Smith or something silly like that, does the rememberability of the name actually affect their success as a director...ok really random rambling right there...)

Pete Hordern

done and done

Kellie Warren

I dont see why so many people disliked 'Saved!' there are so many other worse movies that we watched... honestly.

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