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August 22, 2007


gordon millerick

Sory Shane,Kate and Chris. this is supposed to be on Chris Tillings Blog site. I found the Christendom site but thats about the limit of my computer expertise.

Commenting on bothe film reviews. The Jesus camp review I found quite interesting and it encourages me to look forward to viewing the documentry. This could be a p[leasure after the saddness of the past few movies ,though they are thought provoking. Blade runner also through up some interesting comments, and opened up a few more thoughts or interpretations that I had not considered.

Wee Kim Suan

I really enjoy the film. Its very encouraging to see the children so passionate for Christ even at an early age. The Pastor did a great job in the organising of the camp activities. Its fascinating to see how we can mentor our next generation for God's kingdom rather to let the world dictates their lives.

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