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July 31, 2007


Cameron McDonald

I thought the lecture was really thought provoking! At first i wasn't very interested because it was fairly meaty stuff, but after a while i managed to get the hang of it and i reaised the value of what was being said. it is so interesting that the way we do theology is so closely related to the way we analyse film, and i think the beauty of this course is that i will become a better and more competent theologian as a result.

I particularly enjoyed the segment on interpretation. As shane said, the task of interpreting film is very similar to, if not the same as as biblical exegesis and hermeneutics. i thought this was an interesting observation because it helps me to understand the nature of interpretation as being derived from specific foundational questions that could be applied to many if not all texts.

Also i found his next segment on history was profound. It was fascinating to see the cultural differences between his examples of "Little Miss Sunshine" and "Mary Poppins" and how they impacted on the expectations of the audience.

Overall, i found this lecture to be a helpful insight into the task of film review as well as the task of theology. I sense that my capacity to critically analyse text is growing!! Praise the Lord!

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