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March 22, 2007



Congrats Shane - it's about time the world heard your ideas!! ;)

And don't worry too much about boasting...if you do it right, it becomes testifying!! ;)

I also apologise to everyone for not doing my part to maintain the blog. I guess it's a season where we have too much other stuff on - but someday I'm sure SCC will get back to it.



I also appreciate your efforts. I enjoy the opportunity to think and pray about many of the issues you raise.

As a Hillsong Church member I was also challenged by Jacqui Grey's post about Colour and some of the motifs used. In the end I am convinced that Jacqui is on the right track and hopefully a few more voices raise concerns.

Thank you once again for providing an opportunity where those of us outside the academy can think theologically in a Pentecostal context.

While I will miss reading your many posts, maybe you could cajole David Parker into posting a few more of his articles?

Kind regards,


Hi John,

What post of Jacqui's are you referring to?

Come on David come on, come on, come......


I loved Jacqui's series on Princess Theology. I have also had some discussions with a person at Hillsong who runs "Wild at Heart" because I think some of its motifs are equally as dangerous.

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