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November 11, 2006


Deborah Taggart

I lime it....that is, I like it, LOL (was I just typing in tongues?) :D

My fave bits are when you point out what Spirit-empowerment does for people who think themselves or may be labelled insignificant....and also the touch of reality and comfort you bring as you mention Ted Haggard.

Just one thought on changing it....maybe you should describe William Seymour's sight condition as blind in one eye (due to smallpox as a child) - 'one-eyed' made me think of the flying purple people eater.... (but maybe that's just me....)

Thanks for sharing this with us. Its suprising that many pentecostal churches, or maybe its just us AoG people, no longer seem to focus on this aspect of our spirituality. Its rather silly, considering it is these distinctives and faith in the work of the Spirit that have brought the global movement to the position where it now stands and the revitalisation it brought to Christianity.
Why do you think that we don't hear much preaching on these things? Or is it just that its not preached in the churches I attend?


whoops, that was me by the way

shane clifton

Good question cameron - i am not really sure. Perhaps it is not "trendy" or "cool" - although having said that the church i attend has addressed the topic of spirit baptism a few times


Thanks Shane, I guess its not all that cool or trendy to be weeping when God touches you, or babbling in other tongues.
An interesting side note - one of the charges levelled against Christianity by Muslims is that we have changed/corrupted our scriptures so they don't prophesy about Muhammed. The say that when Jesus promised 'another counsellor' he was predicting Muhammed. When discussing this with my pastor he suggested that as pentecostals we have this advantage in the dialogue. For as we argue that Jesus was promising the Spirit, and we direct them to the fulfilment with Pentecost, we are also living fulfilments of the prophecy.
What do you think?

Joshua Iap

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Dreu Harrison

Tongues (evidence) is key phenomenal marker of Spirit baptism (thing evidenced)
Spirit baptism (evidence) is key phenomenal marker of Spirit (thing evidenced)

Tongues (evidence) is key phenomenal marker of Spirit baptism (thing evidenced)
Spirit baptism (evidence) is key phenomenal marker of Pentecostals (thing evidenced)

ergo Tongues is the initial evidence of Pentecostals


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