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September 28, 2006


Moses Fahiua

War is ugly,it will take lifes, and yes it will leave horrorable consequences.And as christian,it is easy to sit at the comfort of our class room and analyze every angles from a christian perspective that it's wrong and Jesus was all about saving lives, but boy when it hit kind of close to home [as Steve story in the park], it is seem natural then to justify it. Surely, we can't sit back and watch other nations taking over our peace. come on!

Maneesha Antony

Hey steve! great work!

I have to admit that when I knew we had to this blog on war, I was not looking forward to it. I know war is around us but I try not to get involve, yes I listen to the news and see what it does but to me its so painful.

So with this assumption of not liking war I started reading - thinking that my view would not be altered.

Your example of the daughter in the park was really inciteful. It made me think and question about the reasons for war. If I was that mother who was watching her daughter get abused by that man - I would definitely have done something about it! So in relation to that, maybe war has a point to it. It is not only about violence but it can be about justice.

You also made a good point how Jesus told Peter not to use his sword to protect Jesus. I never thought that this example could be used in terms of war. However I wanted to question whether it is true by our statement that Jesus asked His disciples to buy swords. Does it really say that in the Bible? I'm not putting down war if it is true but I haven't heard about that before.

War is a cdefinitely a controversial topic, my question is: Can there be a balance between violence and justice?


G'day Steve nice work above. There seems to be alot of intellectual debate concerning War and it's properties. Personally i look at what the motive is behind people's action and then consider my reaction. The plaground scenario for me is easy i believe i am blessed in being responsible as the guardian over God's Child and also my daughter/son. If someone brings harm towards their life wether through mental or physical actions and my only option is to restrain them with force then i believe i do so carrying the blessing to act on heavenly authority.My view on mainstream war is still in thought process, but you have aided me with some thinking.

Jamin Steel

After reading all three views on war it is difficult to come to a absolute answer on the issue. I don't think war is just. but I also don't think it is just to stand by and watch a person or a group of people be oppressed or killed and not do anything about it. I do think Jesus tought peace but I also believe He tought us to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. I beleive we should defend those who cannot defend themselves. If the protection of the weak or the protection of freedom requires war than I think it must be done. War is not good but not protecting the weak is even worse. we live in a fallen world and war is a reality. I would much rather go to war and protect the freedom of the innocent than be afraid to go to war because I might go against my conscience. Yes, going to war would not be good for my conscience but I would not be able to live with myself if I knew that innocent people were killed because I was to concerned about my own conscience. I thinks God is much more concerned about wether I protected the innocent than if I had endless debates over wether my conscience could allow me to go to war. Yes, war must be a last resort and only when the lives and freedom of innocent people are at stake. War for purely political, financial, or selfish gain is absolutely wrong.

Kirsty Inglis

This is a difficult issue...the whole issue of war. In my lifetime I have known of wars but I have not experienced them first hand..something I am grateful for. I definitely do not agree with war but I also do not agree with injustice. In a subconscience way I have accepted that in this day and age there are going to be wars. I must say I agree with the JWT...however I also know that wars based on these principles are hard to find...most wars are fuelled by much less noble causes. Half the time I dont know what to believe as I feel that through the media we get one sided-stories. I feel that sometimes its hard to know the real issues wars are waged over.
At the end of the day war is tragic because innocent people die no matter what the motivations behind the war are. I wish we could live in peaceful times but I know because of the state of humanity, that is just not possible. So I agree with JWT to defend the innocent and to stand up agaist injustice because I believe that is Godly. We cannot let injustice rule. However I am reluctant to go to war as it always means tragedy for someone. It is a terribly hard issue with no clear and easy answers. Each situation can only be assessed as it comes along.

Felicity de Sauty

Nice work.

Just a couple of comments.
Pacifism and being passive are not as interchangeable as they seem. A pacifist is 'someone who believes that violence of any kind is unjustifiable and that one should not participate in war' or better suited in relation to your analogy of the girl in the park 'someone opposed to violence as a means of settling disputes.' Where as being passive means "accepting what happens without resistance."
I think Jesus is often said to be passive, however through his influence, we see He is the most revolutionary man to have existed in history. Jesus spoke against certain practices, even physically acting against markets operating within church to restore order. In relation to your analogy, I do agree that the girl should be spoken for as the ethical thing to do and I do not think this is contrary to pacifism. I think violence, 'an act of aggression' is more a result of arrogance in the sense that when countries cannot communicate effectively, they resort to war. Obviously, one cannot force the other party to communicate and therefore war can sometimes seem justifiable as the only remaining viable option.
The JTW theory seems quite thorough and justifiable, however in reality, who is deciding on the action of war according to these standards that actually have influence? I think Christians need to have a greater voice in the government, as the only Christian voice that has been recognised is that of pacifism which does not help the government in their efforts to restore order to a broken world but is an active refusal to participate. If we desire peace, we must actively pursue it. If we desire change, we must be willing to put ourselves in positions of decision.

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