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August 08, 2006


Craig Bennett

Shane I love that comic strip.

Also there is a rather interesting discussion on Tongues going on the Sydney Anglican Media Forum

I think it would be good for people to read and even engage in how the general Evangelical mindset views tongues.

Particulary take note of Martin (Enkidu) Shields who is giving a good exegisis against that position.

Frank Emanuel

In the pentecostalism that I was a part of private devotional tongues were veyr much encouraged. In fact that is an aspect of my own spirituality that I treasure, not that I feel I have to speak in tongues with any regularity (in private that is), but I do like that when I have no clue where to start in prayer I can just begin to speak in tongues.

But I do think I get what he is talking about with the "at its best" aspect. I will never forget this one experience where all of a sudden about 4 or five people began singing a song in unison, in tongues, and the room instantly filled with a haze. Soon as the song stopped the haze cleared but a lingering sense of God's holiness permeated the rest of the worship time. I happened to be one of the singers, something that happened once but I will never forget.

Shane Clifton

Yes - i too have experienced that; sadly not often enough.

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