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August 18, 2006


Joshua Ballard think you got international attention on this blog before...wait till this gets out. I'm gonna go get some popcorn and watch the show. Come to think of it, all of the blog topics you've suggested in class would attract international attention. Woo!

Deborah Taggart

hmm, what on earth did these people with negative views of sex make of Song of Solomon? There must have been some people with a healthy attitude to sex voting it into the canon, right? Or was that only on its merit as a metaphor of Christ's love for the church? But even if only on those grounds, doesn't sex then become almost sacramental? (when in its right context of an intimate expression of lifelong-committed love)

Joshua Ballard

I've seen a whole lot of people try and deny the sexual aspects and content of the book...plain lunacy as far as I am concerned...also...some Muslims don't like the book very much...claiming that such things should not be in a "holy book".

I think ultimately, the fact that there is a provision (marriage is to be held in honor by all) in the Pauline letters that prevents marriage and sexual intimacy being thrown out in it's entirety, preventing the rest of the early fathers from COMPLETELEY agreeing with Origen and Augustine...and I thank God for it.

I think that a major part of the reason for retaining it in the canon is it's attribution to Solomon, and perhaps part of the content exhorting people to not "stir up love before it pleases". But I'm stepping into an area I've done very very little reading on. (Sorry Jacquie)


I want to see Joshua Dowton comment on Hebrew language descriptions of OT stuff, especially Song of Solomon. That would definitely be a show worth watching! C'mon Josh, hit us with some exegesis, woo!


Not until you're married...

maryjo Wheeler

Loved the class - and the assorted reactions. Interesting to see so many blank looks when certain words are mentioned. In this day and age, in a university setting I am shocked that the subject of sexual ethics seems so.... shocking. If we do not deal with these topics guys, how in heavens name are we going to deal with people in ministry? We are all going to shepherd people with sexual issues and in some cases have to deal with our own sexual practices, hangups or attractions within a church setting. We need to get a grip - or we could pretend that sex does not exist and the stork drops off babies to loving parents with white picket fences!

Ignorance breeds a generation of legalistic leaders - and I believe that is not God's purpose for SCC. Although at times it is a challenge to break the constraints of tradition, it seems such a shame not to break new ground on some of these moral issues.
I say "Go Shane"! What a great day it will be when as Christians we can put away our prudish natures and follow the radical ministry of Jesus without apology or shame.


hi, i'm new here, just stumbled upon this thread whilst surfing the net and not even sure if this is restricted to students only. But i'll try anyway. I have been dealing with the topic of christian and homosexuality. I have held the view that being a christian and gay is not compatible but my theology was challenged recently by the pro-gay christian movement explaining that gay is biblically OK. I was told to celebrate my homosexuality. I have to admit that i'm really disturbed by the whole thing because I love God and I believe that God can help me in my sexual orientation but I also dont want to be deceived. I dont know if the theology i've been holding on to is right, or if the pro-gay theology is right.
I thought someone in this discussion will be able to share some light into the topic for me. Any info would be appreciated.

ps the pro-gay forums i've been getting my info from is

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