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July 07, 2006



This feels quite a fair representation of a diverse group!

andrew (tall skinny kiwi)

dont know, hamo - it seems [apart from frosty and hirsch] to be mostly academics and denominational leaders discussing their findings.

the two or three practitioners - although friend of mine and dearly loved, are not leading radical form or very organic structured forms of emerging church as - say - you are - or hundreds of ec leaders who have not published a book.

but i do realise its an academic institution [i am typing this from redcliffe college, england, btw] and they have their own preferences

but a good start to the process nonetheless.

hope all are well in perth

andrew (tall skinny kiwi)

opps - steve taylor and dan kimball are DOING it also. just so they dont come back and give me a hard time . . .

Deborah Taggart

Andrew and Hamo!! What a thrill to have you guys here :) Last year you were some of the gutsy pioneer leaders I was reading about, and now you're here commenting on my thoughts!!

And Andrew, you have a good point - but unfortunately reading books and blogs was a cheaper and more accessible way to do research than travelling everywhere to meet with all the practitioners I'd have liked to (although the meetings and visits I did manage to arrange with several people and churches in Melbourne, and a few in Sydney were very valuable, helping me to see the EM movement for real instead of just typed out in nice fonts!)

But fortunately, some practitioners are commenting here - so feel free to add any variations from your perspective; it will be enriching for all of us!



I think what I was saying was that Deb's descriptions fitted our own ethos pretty well.

I don't know half of those people - i guess they are POM's hey?!

Look forward to the next section Deborah...


Luke Fletcher

Hi Deb,
Enjoying the discussion - was wondering if there were any problems (or benefits - depending on your view!) of involvement with the community organisations when it came to political affiliations?

Deborah Taggart

Hey Luke,

I didn't investigate this in too much detail, so if anyone else has any thoughts, maybe they can comment...

Hmmm, what can I contribute?....I know one church in the outer suburbs of Melbourne was catering for 'citizenship nights' (ceremony for those becoming Australian citizens) among other things, and the mayor was a Christian and had freedom to give some of her support money to whosoever, so she designated some for this church.

Apart from that all I can think of is that many EM churches are into the 'Make Poverty History' project....and lots of them also like U2 - is that a generational thing, or has Bono been hypnotising us all? But if it's for a good cause....:P

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