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June 30, 2006


Deborah Taggart

wow - once again, good stuff Mark! My favourite moment is: "Why then do so many who read this passage fail to see that it was as much on Martha as it was on Peter – on maintenance as well as task, on hospitality as well as preaching, on koinonia as well as on euangelion – that Jesus chooses to build his church?"

Chris Baker

Mark, does this mean that I now have to learn how to cook? I think my life just got complicated... ;-)

Joshua Ballard

I must admit, the food offered at the cafe is what made me stay at my previous church. At least until we started to gather at local restaurants after church services.

All the local cafe/restaurant owners loved our groups...or hated them...I'm not sure which.


Lou and Pina.....Yeah!!!!!

Danny Guglielmucci......Yeah!!!!

Friendly Italians....not after the Soccer!!!!

I hope you are going to publish this one Mark. It has loads of relevance to our wider cultural context.


Craig Bennett


The Italian comments connect to me. Also your comments on Mary were spot on. How can we build better community structures within the church? When there is so much brokeness within and without.

I think it comes about by helping people to build better communities within their own families, community in which they live,along with the worship community. I think in modern society there is too much emphasis placed on the self, and not on the community and building ones indentity within the community.

Simon Elliott

Great article. You referred to the book by your friend, Mark Pomery, 'What The Church Family Can Learn From The Italian Family' - where can I get a copy of that book?

Mark Hutchinson

Thanks Simon. Mark's book is a bit of fun which comes out of his being 'married in'. You can get the book either through our mission group, Missione Italia )([email protected]) or off Mark's own page, It is quite a chuckle, but does demonstrate how the intercultural perspective provides one with another view!

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