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June 23, 2006


Craig Bennett

G'day Mark, Man that is a huge 2nd post to get through ;)

I will say up front that I am a believer in man being tripart and not bi, my main belief for that is because I am made in the image of God and God is tri, not bi.

In the Pentecostal worldview, homo loquax gives way to homo erit, the man who will be, because he becomes a participant of the life of He who is. Such a person is no longer incomplete, not becoming, not asking ‘how am I going?’, but is comfortable with what he or she is.

I would go even further then this and say "was made to be" I think when we get our head around that God has created good works for us to do, before we were even born - that we can relax in who we are knowing that we will do what God created us to do, and that God will direct our steps guiding us to do that which he wants us to do and will empower us, enable us, and provide for us all we need to fulfil his purposes in his creation.

Shane Clifton

mmm - you couldnt resist eh - "Those theologians more enamoured of their desks than their armchairs suggest that this is not a good biblical solution". Curious to critique theologians for, God forbid, using the Scriptures and Chritian tradition to reject tripart anthropology (and Craig - the suggestion that god is triune, therefore we are, mistakes the doctrine of the trinity and misreads genesis 1 - god is one substance three persons - i trust you do not thereby assume the same of us).

This aside, i enjoyed your almost poetic challenge for us to experience God - and in that experience to refuse to settle for mere biological, or shallow material, spheres of living. The move from the statusphere to the pneumasphere is both liberating and challenging. The latter, sadly, means that many of us settle for the lesser life. Thank God the spirit challenges us to rise beyond

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