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June 20, 2006


Shane Clifton

"Statusphere" - it is a term that inspires the imagination. Assuming i have understood you correctly, it has me thinking of the way in which we frame our identity using markers that make sense to us, but that may make no sense to others outside our particular community. Is there a sense in which we gradually buy in the particularities of community statusphere's as we become inculturated.

In Pentecostalism, the statusphere might include appropriating the status-identity accompanying spiritual giftedness, or in the contemporary situation - church growth or financial success? Hopefully, many of these status markers are appropriated from the Scriptures and Christian tradition - although it seems to me that many other aspects of contemporary culture frame the statusphere of the church.

Deborah Taggart

Wow, I feel like I just jumped into a timewarp and I'm back in 'Church in Australian Society' class; reading a lot that I don't fully understand, but there are clumps that resound with me, amuse me, and thoughts that bounce me up into other thought clouds....

My favourite moment of your article (well, part 1 anyway ;)) is the following quote: "As I teach and think, I am a reticulating experiment in observing myself – my life regards my faith and my discipline, my faith my undisciplined life, and my discipline my living faith". I love the notion of continually developing self-awareness, and also the thought that our faith integrates (or should integrate) into the other aspects of our lives. And more than that, that our faith (being from God, not just from ourselves) should actually shape and challenge us. As Veli-Matti Karkkainen writes in his book on Pneumatology: even as we study the Spirit, we must bear in mind that on a much more probing level - and with intent to transform - the Spirit searches us.

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