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May 05, 2006


Chris Tilling

Great stuff! I've posted about this on my blog just now, and will post another later on tonight.
I'm really looking forward to seeing this blog develop, so I hope you enjoy the experience.

Chris Petersen

I'm glad to see a site that operates from a charismatic framework. I look forward to future posts from this site.

Frank Emanuel

This is an excellent start. I am excited to see this kind of reflection. I wonder how helpful it would be to explore dimensions of eschatological hope within the apocalyptic frameworks of Pentecostalism. It is there that we might find some language to remove the sense of fatalism towards the current ecological crisis. I'll keep my eye on this blog for sure.

Deborah Taggart

I like the hint of hope here: just as social concern has edged its way up on the Pentecostal agenda, concern for the environment may be able to follow the same path :) But we need people like you (and whoever picked the topic for Hansei) to give it that momentum-starting nudge...

Paul Darroch

I discovered a 1975 book "The Blueprint" by George Otis which did speak to the Pentecostal/Environmental issue. He mocks reactions to concerns of David Wilkerson in his "The Vision" and says that USA must pursue a policy of resouce usage in a vital (military) competition with USSR. And the amazing thing is that this became US policy. In one line he calims when Jesus returns resouces will be miraculously replaced.
Speaking now as a Brethren (Plymouth) I would claim that we find ourselves in the consquences of following the false teaching of one of our elders the late John Nelson Darby. We love Darby but Jesus tells us to look at the fruit of a man's ministry. Put simply this "rapture" theology produces pride and selfishness and exclusiveness while among us Brethren Darby brought the division between Open and Exclusive Brethren. (Bethsada 1846) As a believer in One Book I look to Adam to define for us man's relationship with the earth (his mane is the Hebrew word for earth -Adamah) and thus the "sins" of Australia resulting in disasterous climate change you are now experiencing are sins of resouce misuse and abuse. However I doubt if you being based on a "personal salvation" model see the current and future judgements as being anything to do with "your" church.
Finally I want to conclude with Rev 6:6 and to say that in Sept 05 I predicted that the Northern Hemisphere was in for a record breaking cold winter. Now I am predicting that in this Southern Spring and following Northern Spring 07 we wil see drought wiping out the earths grain reserves and the price of bread doubling and doubling again. Here in NZ we may go to potatoes as our key Stable diet or maybe we can produce our own grain to replace the Aussy grain that will no longer be availiable.
These are exactly the issues which concerned David Wilkerson in the 70s.

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