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April 12, 2006



There are a number of interesting comments to make here Dr Clifton.

1) If you want people to find the blog somewhere along the way you might want to change it to read Southern Cross College rather than SCC.

2) I applaud the idea of pursuit of truth while realising, as it is clear that you do :P, that there is a cost, or as you note, a "fee" (I'm sure you meant free but hey). Everything costs; as this engagement will in terms of time, money and lost productivity for 'honest' engagement. I look forward to it :)

3) Although Mark articulated the core values of the College at the Professional Develeopment Day last week I'm not sure how much these, at this stage, are shared at this stage. You might want to post a discussion thread on them and see what we actually do think rather than simply agreeing in a meeting because they sound nice. If you want to search for truth then how about we start to own the institution by actually being involved.

4) Does freedom allow us to disagree? I think it does but the main issue, as in most blogs/forums, is mutal respect. This is a great starting point.

Yeyyyyyy!!!! First comment - shows I was up really early checking e-mails.


Shane Clifton

Great comments ben - and call me SHANE!!! Perhaps our first discussion could be about these values. Lets see what others reckon

Deborah Taggart

Great thoughts on academic freedom :)

I like Ben's point on writing "Southern Cross College' in full, plus I have another thought on the name....does 'SCC faculty' make it sound too private and exclusive? If a non-faculty member came across this blog, would they feel out of place and uninvited to comment?

Maybe if we have a more generic title (Southern Cross Bloggege or something?), and then in a description or subtitle we can mention that discussions on this blog are started/guided by some thoughts of various faculty members?

Shane Clifton

i think you are right. maybe we could go with justt the simple "pentecostal discussions"

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