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Saturday, August 05, 2006


Deborah Taggart

ahhh....this is beautiful, Tanya - thankyou! This is my second reading and I am still being blessed and encouraged :)

I must confess I sometimes get a bit lost in the major prophets - they seem to wander around so many different scenes and events and cultural gaps that I lose track. But I love it when you finally discover a unifying theme and all of a sudden the book is integrated and the theme penetrates my own circusmstances and gets engraved just a bit deeper in my heart....

And God's presence has been a biggie for me lately, he drew Psalm 73 to my attention the other day - how it lists all the things 'the arrogant' (seem to) get away with and all the pleasures they many that the struggling, suffering Psalmist almost envied them - and then he stopped, and realised that he has God's presence...and all of a sudden there is no comparison necessary....

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